The protest is over.

Yes, I'm aware of SOPA and PIPA as much as I'm against them. For this same reason I'm sharing this little bookmarklet to Light Wikipedia (What's a bookmarklet?), that I created to let me access the english content of Wikipedia.

If you support SOPA you must click here immediately, otherwise do something.

If you fell into this page and is lost, read this article.

Did you try to click the bookmarklet? The right way to use is to drag it to your Bookmarks Bar or add it to your favorites, then when you enter a Wikipedia page with the SOPA blackout protest, click the bookmarklet. x

Português? Não entende inglês? Use um tradutor automático, mas já adianto que não vai adiantar muito porque essa página só será útil a quem precisa da Wikipedia em inglês.